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After nearly two years of hard work, The Blake Doyle Community Park is ready to move forward! Upward Intuition will be responsible for design and construction and recently, in October 2016, the City of Pensacola formally agreed to assume responsibility for operations and maintenance once the park is completed.

With that critical approval by the City secured, we at Upward Intuition are now able to begin Phase I of the skatepark project: Fundraising for soft costs (design/development, engineering, surveying, geotechnical, and architectural). Our fundraising goal for Phase I is $100,000.

The core of the project will be an iconic, destination skatepark that will serve, among others, the ‘Forgotten Youth’ of our community, the non-traditional athletes. (i.e. skateboarders, BMXers, rollerbladers). This top-notch public facility will even be suitable for professional skateboarding events. However, with additional areas in the park focused on such elements as general health, early learning, art and music, there will be activities and amenities for people of all ages and interests, from children to seniors.


As an outdoor activity-centered destination, we believe The Blake Doyle Community Park will be the catalyst for the revitalization of the entire Hollice T. Williams Greenway corridor. The Greenway plan, (which runs from Jackson Street down to Wright Street, adjacent to Hayne running north and south under I-110), was conceived a half dozen years ago by the City, but has languished, needing a jump start. We believe the skatepark and its surrounding activity hubs will be that jumpstart and will energize the neighboring community physically, economically and socially.


In the Spring of 2015, Upward Intuition was created  as a project under the fiscal sponsorship of Pillars for Promise, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.   As one of the “Pillars” (multiple community projects), the purpose of Upward Intuition is to facilitate positive change.   The three-word phrase that summarizes Upward Intuition projects is simple: Thoughts Create Reality.

Taking the time to assess the needs of our community, led us at Upward Intuition to the realization that there is a great need for a bridge between the young innovative people with great ideas, and the local leaders who have the ability to help effect change. Today’s youth are important; they are our future, and should be part of a vibrant and growing Pensacola.

We strive to lead by example in an effort to inspire and empower them to live with a sense of purpose, and to show the value of giving back to the community. Through youth-driven programs we provide opportunities for young people to make good decisions. They are encouraged to be innovators by identifying problems and crafting solutions, and we support their goals by offering them ways to become involved in projects with lasting significance.
Through Pillars for Promise, the Upward Intuition projects commit to creating positive change in Pensacola.We greatly value the support of those who share our vision. With openness to new ideas, effective partnerships, and collaborations with community stakeholders, we are confident in our city’s future as we act today to make a difference.

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Open Streets, or ciclovías (say sih-clo-veeeee-a with enthusiasm!) originated in Bogotá, Colombia in the 1970s. These events started as a way to close city streets to motor traffic and let people on bikes ride safely and easily. They have evolved into community celebrations that include people moving in any way that is non-motorized—walking, jogging, rollerblading, skateboarding, dancing—and usually add in classes, booths, food, and activities for kids and adults of all ages.


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